The Important Outfit Detail We Tend To Forget


It’s amazing how a simple accessory can honestly make your whole look… Guys… I have been wearing my coins and saints necklaces NON-STOP!! They don’t leave my neck! With all of fall’s big trends like boots, handbags, blazers, etc… we tend to forget the little accents that truly make the outfit complete. For me, it’s these gold pendants.

Gold pendents are nothing new. As I mentioned before, gold coins and saint necklaces (also known as medallas) go WAYYYY back in my Latina heritage. Open up any Latin or Spanish grandmother’s jewelry box and you are guaranteed to find these little treasures.   So there’s nothing better than wearing something that has a meaning to you…and is considered super chic đŸ˜‰

Now let’s talk velvet! For a sleek look this Fall, reach for a great velvet piece. With Fall running a bit late this year (it seems like Florida isn’t the only city experiencing some October heat waves), I feel like a mini dress is perfect to wear on those “bipolar weather” days. It’s light enough to keep you feeling fresh… and plush enough to keep you feeling cozy and comfortable. But Miami is finally starting to get a bit of a cold front, so I’ll definitely be channeling the soft and cozy vibes this weekend! Velvet isn’t the only dress option for Fall though! Try long sleeves, to pretty silks, and knit pieces as well. I’ve linked a few of my favorites above for you to shop!





  1. October 27, 2017 / 1:20 pm

    Your gold pendants paired so perfectly with the velvet dress. And the velvet dress – so elegant and chic! Love it.

    Kathryn •

  2. November 2, 2017 / 2:38 am

    Indeed, a simple accessory as lovely as yours can make a world of difference in any outfit. Looking stunning dear, your hair is sooo gorgeous!

    Jessica |

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