Take The Risk


How many times have you said… ” Ugh, I can’t pull that off!!!” Probably too many.

I know, cause I’ve been there. A perfect example is me with this newsboy hat. I remember the exact moment I SWORE I would never dare to try this new trend. I was scrolling through twitter, saw a picture of Kendall Jenner rocking it, and said… “I’ll never wear a hat like that. I just can’t pull it off!” Well… here we are, a few months later and I’m wearing it, sharing it on my blog and seriously loving it!

As I was standing in line still debating whether to buy it or not, my mom gave me some words of wisdom…

1. What would Steven Tyler tell you to do? The answer was he’d probably say “Hell Yeah!!! Rock the shit out of it!!! (; lol

2. You’re young and can pull off anything. Part of what makes fashion fun and exciting is taking risks on things that you normally wouldn’t wear!

Let me just tell you… moms are always right! The more I thought about it, the more I realized how true her words were. Fashion isn’t just getting dressed in typical outfits. It’s all about finding your personality and having fun with it. If you don’t take risks now with your look, when the heck are you going to do it?!? I know this all may seem silly over a hat… but it doesn’t just apply to the hat. It applies to any outfit, accessory, or trend you ever felt like you couldn’t pull off! Next time you catch yourself thinking this, stop it… and take the risk!!! But of course ask yourself…. WWSTD? (What would Steven Tyler tell you to do?) 😉











  1. January 19, 2018 / 2:31 pm

    The hat looks so good on you! You’re totally right, fashion and style should be fun, whatever that means for each person. Glad you took the risk (and listened to your mom, LOL).

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

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