Instagram Round-Up & A Like To Know It Guide

Happpppy Tuesday peeps! With the beginning of June upon us, I thought it would be the perfect time to do an Instagram round-up from the last few weeks.

But first a little dedication to Spring (one of my favorite seasons): Spring 2017 you were absolutely EPIC!! I’ll Love you forever!…. come back…please?

Summer 2017 please be just as amazing if not better!! Thank you!

Alright now that that is over… let’s get into it. I love doing these round ups because I get to share what’s happening beyond the picture. But I thought I’d also use this post to answer a burning question I get all the time from my friends and followers… “How does work?”

I realized that I was constantly telling you guys to shop my IG posts through, but I never explained exactly how it works! is a program where you can easily shop your Instagram feed/likes. Once you sign up, you’ll get emails sent to your inbox with outfit details from the IG pic you liked. And just like that, the picture is shop-able! But… just made it a whole LOT easier. When you download their new app, you can actually shop your likes AND screenshots immediately! That means no more waiting for the email to come in. The details are directly sent to the app and all your likes/screenshots are ready to shop!

I just wanted to share that with you guys, just in case you weren’t sure what I’m always referring to on my Instagram caption! Now, Let’s get into this fun IG round up! Thanks for reading peeps!

This was such a great morning! This Runyon Canyon trail was like 5 minutes away from my place in LA. I got up suppppper early this particular morning and damn was it worth it! I mean, look at that view and perfect weather!

SHOP – My favorite Workout attire 

I can’t get over this Kimono! Honestly it’s one of my best and favorite buys…ever! I’m literally wearing a tank top and high waisted shorts and this kimono totally transformed a usual basic look into something totally chic! That’s the magic of adding a third piece peeps! Also the movement of this Kimono is epic! I totally felt like a model walking down the street. If there’s one thing everyone needs in their wardrobe, it’s this game changer!

SHOP – My favorite Kimonos

One of my favorite things…going to the beach alone. Weird, I know, but there was nothing more peaceful than heading to Malibu on my days off and just sitting on the sand and looking at the amazing view God made. Definitely made my soul happy 🙂


Living life (and dancing) on the edge…of a cliff! This view and the pretty field of yellow flowers had me smiling from ear to ear and twirling/dancing non-stop.


Imagine casually driving and then coming across this spectacular garden! I don’t think I’ve ever pressed on the brakes so hard in my life! Naturally I had to pull over and take a few pictures! I really hope nobody was home, but I don’t think I’m the first to stop and take some pictures!


Here’s a little secret about this shoot. It was actually freezing cold and suppppper windy on the beach! I had been there the day before and it was sunny, warm, and wonderful, so I thought for sure it would be the same the next day…. boy was I wrong. Even though I was frozen, I just embraced it and ended up LOVING how this shoot came out.

SHOP – My favorite Sets

Loved this sign in the Revolve Social Club! Literally want to bring it home… along with all their other awesome decor! Their vibes are goals!


Beverly Hills, that’s where I wanna be! 🎶 A quick shot from my day at The Beverly Hills Hotel for the Monday Swimwear Popup Shop! It was such a fun time to meet up with bikini babes, Natasha Oakley and Devin Krugman, for the launch of their new Monday Swimwear collection. If you’ve been reading for a while you know I’m a lover of their suits (scroll just a little bit further and you’ll actually spot me in it). If you’re looking for great quality and coverage bikini/one piece for the summer make sure to check them out!


And just like that I’m back in Miami… Don’t worry LA, I’ll be back in a couple months 😉 Here’s a quick shot I took in Miami Beach during a morning run! It definitely doesn’t get more Miami then lush palms, Art Deco architecture, and pretty pastel pinks and blues.


So this picture is actually a candid shot of me exhausted after snorkeling (aka exhausted from screaming my life away because of huge barracudas and tarpon).

SHOP – My favorite bikinis


The bag style every “it girl” needs for the summer!

SHOP – My favorite summer bags

It was rainy in Miami and I was missing the Cali sun so this photo was fitting to share.


And that’s pretty much it for my IG round up. I’d love to know what your favorite Spring IG pics or moments were, so leave a link to your favorite IG picture in the comments below so I can check it out and give ya a like! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by guys!




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