Achieving That California-Cool Girl Outfit


Happy Wednesday everyone! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts or follow me on instagram, you already know I spent the last week in my home away from home… Los Angeles!

Ahhh I know I say it every time, but LA just has a special place in my heart. Literally teared up when the plane touched down on the runway and sobbed driving back to the airport the other day! Okay okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic haha! But I seriously had an incredible time and made some unforgettable memories to add to the list!
I wanted to share this cute outfit post with you from my time there. These were some quick photos taken one morning, while on my way to grab lunch with a friend of mine. This top, is just one of those that you can wear over and over again… and that’s exactly what I did lol! From cutoff shorts, to high-waisted jeans, to a fun mini skirt, I did it all! Not only am I loving the gingham print, but the knotted open back totally makes this piece the key to achieving that California-cool girl fashion look.
Yummy lunch at Zinque Cafe! If you look closely you can spot my friend Jess! 😉
And of course we had to stop by the Beverly Hills Hotel! <3



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  1. August 28, 2017 / 6:11 am

    You’re one chic and sexy Cali girl babe! Really cute outfit, I love the gingham top.

    Jessica |

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