HELLO and welcome to Hello Olivia!

My name is Olivia and I am from Miami, Florida.

Hello Olivia was created as an outlet to express and share my personal style, inspirations, travel, thoughts and lifestyle. On Hello Olivia you’ll find little bits and pieces of my favorite things in life through outfit posts, video, and photography. Hello Olivia doesn’t just focus on fashion, travel and lifestlye but also highlights the importance of achieving dreams and living every experience to the fullest. It’s to inspire others to explore what life has to offer, work hard for what you believe in and enjoy life while feeling good in what you wear.

I originally started Hello Olivia as a personal outlet, but it’s curated into something so much more. It has become and will always be a place for people to connect, share, and bond over life’s crazy/funny adventures, favorite latest fashion finds, and most importantly empowering one another to feel good in what we wear and confident in what we do.

I love connecting with you guys so make sure to follow along on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for daily updates. I’m always here to talk, listen to suggestions or answer questions from you guys so never hesitate to reach out.

  Hope you enjoy my blog and feel inspired to achieve your wildest dreams. Something I’ve learned through the years and something I want you all to know, is that no dream is too wild! So keep on setting those goals and let’s make it happen peeps!

Thanks so much for reading and all your support!

Love always,

Olivia 💗