11 Things To Do With Your Besties When You’re Indecisive Or Bored


Photography: Kathleen Ajo (kathleenajo)


Have you ever had times when you’re hanging out with friends and it seems like everyone keeps asking the same question, “What do you guys want to do?” Well today I’m about to solve all your problems… okay, not all of them but definitely this one. I have to admit when my friends and I get together we sometimes come up with some pretty awesome ideas. But there have definitely been countless times where we just can’t seem to come up with just one!

So I’ve put together a list of ideas other than hitting a club, going to grab sushi or watching a chick flick.  I’m sharing 11 new things to do with your besties when you are indecisive or bored.  These include some of my past favorites, as well as some ideas I totally want to check off my list!

1. Cocktail Competition: This would be such a blast! Everyone has to make (or come up with) their own signature cocktail. After everyone is done with their masterpiece, it’s time for a taste test! 😉 Just make sure you Uber home though!

 2. Go to a drive-in movie theater: I love this idea! I’ve always wanted to go to one and think it’s such a fun and retro twist on the usual ritual of just going to your regular movie theatre. If you live in Miami, I hear there is one in Davie! You can finish off your night with some old fashioned milk shakes.

3. Make a music video: I’ve actually done this with my friends…a few times hahaa! We’ve done music videos, movies, you name it! To this day it’s one of the funniest, and best memories we all have together!

4. Topgolf: So Miami has a new spot called Topgolf and it’s so fun! You may have seen it on my IG stories a couple weekends ago.  It’s basically a cool three story high-tech golfing range. Not only is it fun to challenge your friends, but it’s also great to see everyone’s exceptional yet hilarious skills 😉 These have been popping up in major cities so you can check to see if there is one near you.

5. Bachelor Night: Make a night out of your favorite TV show… and go all out! My favorite is doing a Bachelor night. I bring out the red roses, red velvet cake, and of course red wine!

6. Pole dancing: I’ve never done this one, but I hear its hilarious and a major workout! YOLO 😉

7. Plan a dinner party: Plan a fun dinner party at one of your homes and you can have each friend bring one of their friends. You can go even further and turn it into a singles mixer party! What’s better than meeting and introducing others to new people.

8. Karaoke night: Whether you go over someone’s house to pull this off or to a karaoke bar, this is sure to bring on some competition and major laughs.

9. Sign up for a cooking class: I’ve always wanted to do something like this! Not only would it be fun but totally cool to learn how to cook something other than eggs and cereal hahah!

10. Take a hip-hop class: Ahhh my friends and I used to do this all the time! We used to do a hip hop class and a class called Vixen here in Miami. Such a good time to just dance and get a great workout!

11. Dessert for dinner: I’m a dessert girl, so this is always on my list! Forget dinner for the night, just go for the dessert!

On another note, these photos were taken by the incredibly talented photographer, Kathleen Ajo! Make sure to check out her instagram page (@kathleenajo) for more beautiful photography. It was such an awesome experience to work with her. She makes you feel so comfortable and confident, that you forget she’s even taking your picture! I’m beyond obsessed with how the photos from our shoot came out! It was SO difficult to narrow it down to an appropriate amount of photos for the post hahah!! Things-to-do-with-your-friends-when-you-are-indecisive-or-boredThings-to-do-with-your-friends-when-you-are-indecisive-or-boredThings-to-do-with-your-friends-when-you-are-indecisive-or-boredThings-to-do-with-your-friends-when-you-are-indecisive-or-boredThings-to-do-with-your-friends-when-you-are-indecisive-or-boredThings-to-do-with-your-friends-when-you-are-indecisive-or-boredThings-to-do-with-your-friends-when-you-are-indecisive-or-boredThings-to-do-with-your-friends-when-you-are-indecisive-or-boredThings-to-do-with-your-friends-when-you-are-indecisive-or-boredThings-to-do-with-your-friends-when-you-are-indecisive-or-bored




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